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BSS stands for “Business Services Sector”. But what does this entail exactly?

Multinational companies operate branches throughout the world. Business and support functions such as HR, marketing, sales, supply-chain, Finance, or IT are conducted at the company headquarters and in the branches as well- be it a car manufacturer, telecommunications provider, electronics company or bank. The parent company can decide to place these functions into business service centers geographically or organizationally. These can be regional or global centers.

If you are interested in the business services sector, here is an opportunity to gain experience and develop in areas such as human resources, finance, marketing, sales, procurement, or IT. In the world of BSS, numerous multinational companies offer regional or even global positions that can propel your career forward. Join over 70,000 colleagues in Hungary, where more than 160 business service centers are operating. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and find your dream job in the BSS sector!
Home office

You can work from the comfort of your own home, where you can feel at ease and forget about factors such as traffic jams or long office commutes. This allows you to save energy and time that can be directed towards other important activities.

For many people, the home office environment provides greater efficiency, as they are less disrupted by external factors and the noise of the office environment. A quiet and uninterrupted workspace helps with concentration and increases productivity.

Global opportunities

In the BSS sector, many multinational companies offer the opportunity for home office work. This means that you can work on international projects and join global teams without being physically present in the office. This opens up new perspectives, cultural diversity, and career development opportunities.

Working remotely allows you to collaborate with colleagues from different countries and backgrounds, fostering cultural exchange and learning. It provides flexibility and the chance to develop skills in a global context. With the advancement of technology and virtual communication tools, the BSS sector offers exciting possibilities for professional growth and expanding your horizons.