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Get to know your future workplace!
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Dive into the World of Business Service Sector!

Ever imagined turning your career into more than just a regular job? How about an exhilarating journey towards success? The Training Program acts as your compass, revealing the boundless opportunities within the realm of Business Service Sector.

But that's just the beginning. Brace yourself to experience this world from the inside out. Swing by, check out your future workspace, and fire away with your questions! Through the training sessions, you'll unveil the insider secrets of job postings. We'll show you how to read between the lines and cherry-pick the best fit. Ready to shake things up? Join us now for the BSS Training, and kick-start your thrilling journey of exploration!

How can you participate in the training?


Come and meet us in person, and build connections.


After your registration, you'll be able to join via the Microsoft Teams link.

Szeptember 26.

BSS Career Planning

16:00-18:00 | Viatris Office

Curious about the sector's prospects? Ready to explore numerous professional avenues for growth? Look no further, as this presentation is crafted just for you. It delves deep into charting out the skills and competencies crucial for success in this domain. It underscores how you can align your passions and strengths with the captivating career possibilities the sector presents.

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Our September 12th
training session: