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The BSS (Business Services Sector) is not just a single company – it represents an entire sector.

In this sector, you can find numerous multinational companies, whether it’s an automobile factory, a telecommunications company, an electronics firm, or a bank. However, each organization has its own business and support functions, such as HR, finance, marketing, sales, procurement, or IT. All these functions are centralized in what is called a Business Service Center, where they operate independently yet simultaneously to provide support.

In Hungary, there are currently over 156 regional and global Business Service Centers employing more than 70,000 individuals.

English is the language of work

Fluency in English is an essential requirement in the industry, and in many cases, knowledge of a second foreign language is also expected. The use of foreign languages on a daily basis is not only justified by the nature of the job but also by the need to interact with foreign colleagues and clients, where English serves as the common tongue.

How do we work?

Colleagues supporting different countries, working in the same sector/field, or dedicated to the same client collaborate in teams, big or small, creating a dynamic work environment that allows a glimpse into each other’s daily routines.

Supported languages in the BSS sector

A multinational company has numerous subsidiaries worldwide.

40% of BSS service providers are global companies, of which 65.5% serve various countries in Europe, while 24.5% of the companies support clients in the Middle East, and 20.5% in North and Central America or Africa.”

Today, there are more than 156 regional and global business service centers operating in Hungary, employing over 70,000 people who utilize over 40 languages, thus forming truly international teams.

In Junior positions

The most important skills and competencies for new candidates.

What are the key skills and competencies that matter most to you, both for junior and managerial positions? In addition to strong communication, teamwork, and collaboration, language proficiency (especially in English), problem-solving, and a thirst for learning are the vital ingredients.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of success, enabling the precise transmission of ideas, instructions, and information. With exceptional verbal and written communication skills, you’ll excel in collaborating with team members and delighting clients.


Teamwork is the fuel that propels accomplishments in junior roles. The ability to seamlessly cooperate, shoulder responsibilities, and synergize efforts towards shared objectives will set you apart.


Additionally, effective problem-solving is highly valued. The ability to identify and resolve issues helps improve the smoothness and efficiency of processes.

Types of Internal Training

At BSS companies, we place utmost importance on the continuous development of our employees. Alongside training programs designed to facilitate the integration of new team members and enhance their technical skills, we invest equal energy into cultivating leadership abilities and personal competencies. Moreover, we proudly offer a variety of language training programs and provide valuable coaching opportunities, especially for those in leadership positions.

Knowledge Base at Your Disposal

Our objective is to make the utilization of our corporate knowledge base fast and seamless, allowing for efficient knowledge transfer. While the dissemination of factual information is essential, our primary focus lies in swiftly finding the most suitable solutions to problem-solving and promptly addressing customer queries. We value timely and effective responses above all else.

In Managerial Positions

The Most Important Skills and Competencies for Leaders

What skills and competencies are most important to you as a manager? Here, communication, people management, strategic and business mindset, and leadership abilities are crucial. You need to prepare juniors for a technology-driven future. Additionally, there is a growing market demand for graduates with degrees in natural sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Communication helps in conveying ideas, instructions, and information accurately. Therefore, strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for effective collaboration with team members and clients.


In a leadership position, people management plays a significant role. Successful leaders can recognize and support their team members, inspire and motivate them to achieve higher levels of performance.


A strategic and business-oriented mindset is highly important for business leaders. This approach enables them to have a comprehensive perspective on the company and the market, and to develop long-term goals and strategies for success. Strategic thinking helps leaders recognize business opportunities, anticipate market trends and competitors, as well as identify risks and challenges.

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